Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: The Really Important Message to Take From the DaVinci Code

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Monday, June 05, 2006

The Really Important Message to Take From the DaVinci Code

Here is the real message one should take from “The DaVinci Code:”

If you are raising a girl as a grandfather and you have a great secret, instead of leaving it in code all over the place, just tell her: should I die and people come after you trying to kill you, go immediately to that church in England you took her to as a child and people there will take care of you. Although, if those people were supposed to take care of you, why were they just sitting around waiting for you instead of going to France to pick you up? They seem kind of lazy to me.

It is not just movies that are stupid. Even real life people are stupid. Today’s hint: if you are a group of Muslims, do not order three tons of ammonium nitrate. People might get suspicious.

My uncle was so cheap. He figured out it was cheaper to donate his suits to charity, have them clean the clothes for resale, and then buy his donated clothing back than it was to pay to have his suits dry cleaned.

Rick Santorum has stated that the immigration bill supported by John McCain and Arlen Specter is one favored by “liberals”. How conservative is Santorum to suggest that a bill sponsored by McCain and Specter is a liberal bill?


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