Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Looking Down to See Which Way is Up

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Friday, September 02, 2005

Looking Down to See Which Way is Up

I am learning that Geography is not studied much anymore. Once I was wearing a Texas flag pin and was asked what it was like being from Puerto Rico. At least that mistake is a little understandable because the Texas and Puerto Rico flags are so…OK, so that are not at all alike. But the mistake at least was of an educated guess variety.

I was in Minnesota once and was speaking to a librarian (again, keep in mind this was an educated librarian) who asked where I was from. At the time I was from Connecticut, so I responded with “Connecticut”. She then asked me “what state is that in?”

Recently, while in Seattle, an educated state government researcher told me I speak English well. I was not certain what that meant. I had heard that twice before, both times from Generals who spotted my Pennsylvania flag pin and mistakenly thought it was a pin of a foreign country who then proceeded to tell me that my English was quite good. But, this was a person who KNEW I was from Pennsylvania. It turns out, she thought Pennsylvania was a foreign country.

We Pennsylvanians do teach English in our schools and we hope that someday our children will grow up conversant in the English language.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't let Buffy know you're a vampire from PENNSYLVANIA.

12:07 PM


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