Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Cat Killer Rides Boston Subway

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Friday, July 22, 2005

Cat Killer Rides Boston Subway

You can’t make news like this up. The Governor of Massachusetts, Milt Romney (who refused to pick Jim Rappaport as his running mate and thus is condemned to failure, but I digress) decides to show his support for mass transit by riding a Boston subway. Unfortunately, all he did was show is how it really was a media show where he has little idea what riding a subway is like. First he pays the wrong fare, which showed he has no clue how much it even costs (or else shows he really is a rich deadbeat who doesn’t believe he needs to pay full fare). Then, he learns the painful truth of what it is like to rid the subway: first a homeless person accosts him, and then a crazy woman screams at his that “you killed my cats”. Yes, that’s what rail commuters have to put up with every day, Governor.

Mike Dukakis rode the subways regularly when he was Governor. Of course, times were rosier then, and the crazy woman thought people were only roughly petting her cats. Unfortunately, Dukakis should have asked to drive a subway instead of a tank, and maybe he’d have gone further in politics than he did.

Ohio state government lost money by investing in a coin collection. I guess it could have been more embarrassing: they could have invested in Star Wars figurines. Which, ironically, would have probably actually lost them then less money than they did loose and would not have been as scandalous.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If we continue letting Governors loose in this world, riding subways and killing cats, will anyone anywhere be safe?

9:58 AM

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