Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Ben Frankllin Goes Through the Twilight Zone to Futurama

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Friday, March 23, 2007

Ben Frankllin Goes Through the Twilight Zone to Futurama

Speaker Ben met Katey Sagal. Katey told Ben how she used to be known as Peg Bundy, a housewife who did not believe in doing work. Ben started to express agreement with how, in his day, women seldom sought employment when, as seen in the photo, Katey then placed her finger over Ben’s mouth.

Katey Sagal is also known for providing the voice of Leela on the show “Futurama”. Ben. Katey told Ben a secret that this cancelled television show may be revived and returned to television. Ben then told us and subsequently realized he is not good at keeping secrets.

Katey Sagal is also an excellent singer and was a member of The Group With No Name. This confused Ben for several minutes as he kept repeatedly asking what the name of her group was. Katey also appeared on the show “Lost”, which also lost Ben as to why Katey was lost.

Katey’s father, Boris Sagal, was a director on the show “The Twilight Zone.” The conversation finally began to make sense to Ben, as Ben knows what it is like to be from the 18th century and wake up as a puppet in the 21st century. Ben hopes television also revives “The Twilight Zone” as he he’d like to sell his story to them.


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