Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: And Now Some Words of Compassion for Others and Concern for our Future

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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

And Now Some Words of Compassion for Others and Concern for our Future

It is been our history that people flee lands of limited opportunity and come to America, and then seek to disallow anyone else entering to enjoy that benefits of America. Yet, history has shown not only that we were able to absorb more people, but indeed our economic growth has depended upon attracting labor from other countries and putting more people to work within our own country. Indeed, it was not our economic reasons yet our general compassion for others that allowed most of us to welcome new neighbors. This history of immigration continues to be relevant to our present and future.

The U.S. Comptroller General’s office has made economic forecasts. As our population ages, and makes a relatively greater proportion of our people consumers of health care and retirement plans (two costs that have, and appear will continue, increasing at higher rates than the rest of the economy), and as our Federal debt (which continues increasing as we pay for a war, homeland protection, and other items, also increasing at higher rates than the rest of the economy) comes due to be paid, there are some scary economic debts that we have put off that will materialize as payments due in upcoming decades. Ironically, while Congress and the public debate the costs of social security, the costs of health care, Medicare, Medicaid, and prescription medications are far greater problems. As one economist, Uwe Reinhardt, noted, the problems of future shortfalls in paying social security costs are within the error margins of prediction figures on what our future shortfall in paying for health care will be.

The Comptroller General’s Office predicts that the Federal debt will, within a few decades, equal the rest of the Federal budget. Either taxes will have to become so high they cannot be paid by most Americans, or most government programs will have to be eliminated, and/or although this appears highly unlikely, huge advances in productivity will have to be accomplished. Yet, there is one other possible solution that solves this economic equation of national economic disaster: we will need many new taxpaying employees within 50 years.

Ironically, in this era when there is much focus on restricting immigration, our future economic survival demands that we increase immigration. To remain competitive with growing economies throughout the rest of the world, we need to attract foreign employees to America. Our problem, should we decide to allow increased immigration, will not be in attracting people to come to America . The problem would be assimilating this influx so they are a productive part of our society.

Instead of ostracizing and driving immigration into the underground economy where they are neither paying their full share of taxes, and restricting their access to our health care, education, and social programs, which is inhumane, we need to bring immigrants into our society. This will be especially important, for history shows that our most productive generations are second generation immigrants. We should strive for an assimilated second generation of productive employees at a crucial time when our national economy will require their higher productivity.

To accomplish these necessary future objectives, we need to change now how we view immigration. No one is saying to let terrorists in. In fact, any and all steps that can be undertaken to track terrorists and see they are not admitted in our country should be taken. Do not be fooled by those who state that immigration policies are designed to keep out terrorists. Those are not terrorists crossing the Mexican border to harvest our crops and do menial labor.

Yes, we should increase our intelligence operations that combat and stop terrorists. Yet we should not allow the misguided fears of terrorism and subtle racism to continue influencing us from failing to realize that that we need increased immigration. We need immigration policies that enable us to track immigrants, see they pay taxes, allow them to share in the benefits of our society, and assimilate them into American culture, life, and meaningful employment. That is the response of a caring nation. That is the response of a country that will survive the economy of the future.


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