Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: And Cocaine Cookies Are Out of the Question

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Friday, September 09, 2005

And Cocaine Cookies Are Out of the Question

The makers of Pot Lollipops may be forced by the government to cease production because their product seems to indicate it contains pot, although it does not. This may also kills their plans for a line of Heroin Ice Cream. This, though, will not affect the airing of the television show Weeds which, while it indeed is about marijuana, has fooled the government into thinking it is about gardening and thus is not being shut down by the government.

In thinking of New Orleans, I am reminded that I actually know someone who got arrested on Bourbon Street. When I heard he got arrested, my first reaction was “what on Earth could anyone ever do to get arrested on Bourbon Street?” You could run down Bourbon Street totally naked with open alcoholic beverage containers in both hands, and not will you not be arrested, you’ll blend in with the crowd.

Philadelphia offered to provide housing to 5,000 people left homeless from the hurricane. Only 38 people have accepted Philadelphia’s offer. Let’s see: their choices were to live in devastated housing with undrinkable water, or return South to their Gulf Coast region homes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's funny. You can't seel Pot Pops, but you could probably get away with selling Alice B Tokas brownies at a school bake sale.

9:51 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

nothing yet

9:20 AM

Blogger Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny said...

No hurry, Jeff. If you want, put in a plug for your blog. I hit the link on your name and was directed to some funny stuff.

2:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear the government will prevent Coke from putting out a line of coke products.

4:20 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will oliver oil companies be able to introduce a new line of virgin products?

9:53 AM


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