Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Yes We Have No Nude Photos of Dana Delany

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Friday, June 10, 2005

Yes We Have No Nude Photos of Dana Delany

Today, political researchers discovered a startling truth: People are shallow. They vote to vote for the better looking candidate. I find this everywhere in business. For years, I often heard the expression, “you were the best candidate for the position” and then they will add “we found someone better.” The only quality I could see in the “better” candidate was the person looked much nicer than this ugly faced guy. Forget what we were told as children that looks don’t matter: people, very unfortunately, are extremely shallow.

Unfortunately, ugly people are finding some harassment laws work against them. I have noted, if two people at work have an affair, that’s perfectly alright. But if an ugly person asks that same person out, and the person says “no”, then the person who turned the ugly down can complain about harassment. Some harassment procedures seemed designed to keep ugly people away from the beautiful people.

Speaking of beautiful people, I find it amusing that there is a link from a “Dana Delany Nude” site to this site. If you have come here from that site, I am sorry to disappoint you, but there are not nude photos of Dana Delany. Although, I will note that I greatly respect her, both for her talent, and for the fact that she wrote the introduction to Dorothy Swanson’s book, which is perhaps why the links exists. Dorothy Swanson is one example that one determined person with a good cause can make a difference. She led letter writing campaigns to keep quality television shows on the air, and she has several notable successes. Of course, I personally take credit for saving Dana Delany’s TV show “China Beach” as we were an actual Nielsen family and I made certain that the set was tuned to “China Beach.” That was a fantastic show.

I got to meet Dana Delany briefly once. It was at a lunch with Dorothy Swanson. We did not converse much, though. I believe the only things she said to me were things such as “will you please pass the rolls?” “are you going to hog all the rolls?” “why are you drinking my iced tea as well as your own ice tea”, and “why are you eating off my plate?” Other than that, I think we hit it off just fine.

My final comment for today: rappers did not invent speaking out against their economic and social conditions in a spoken form of song. Rap should look at the talking blues as part of rap’s historic roots. John Greenway recorded several fantastic talking blues songs. These primarily were labor and working songs where the singer talked, or rapped, about life and hardships along with music.


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Where can I not get nude pictures of Dana Delany?

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