Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Who is Your Fourth Favorite Monty Python?

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Friday, September 07, 2007

Who is Your Fourth Favorite Monty Python?

I saw Michael Palin yesterday. His book of snippets from his diary comes out soon. I don’t keep a diary. I guess this blog was supposed to be a diary, but I never observe anything interesting. For instance, the Air Force accidentally sent nuclear bombs over America. What can one possibly say about that? I am sure Bush, when informed, immediately inquired whether the plane was flying over a Democratic state or a Republican state. I keep thinking of all the money we spend on the military, and a plane takes off from a base in Louisiana . The people on the plane are supposed to be thinking “if flying over sea, I am headed towards nations we mean to scare with our nuclear capability” and instead they are thinking “this water below us looks just like land.” Seriously, I have to ask Dick Cheney, how can expect to ever invade Iran or North Korea if we can’t find the Gulf?” (Maybe that’s what happened in Iraq. We actually meant to invade Afghanistan and we hit Iraq by mistake.) Supposedly the plane flew near the site of where the fictional TV show “Jericho” is supposed to exist, which is another wake-up call to all TV viewing Americans (who do constitute a substantial majority of the voting public, by the way): you may survive a nuclear strike, but we’ll come after you on our own.

So, sorry, no diary. I can’t find anything funny to write about. Anyway, back to Michael Palin. I asked Michael Palin to sign a copy of the book for my boss Michael. While Michael Palin was signing the book, I observed “Michael. I know, that’s one of those names you hardly ever hear.” I wonder if I’ll be allowed back.

What I liked was this little boy who was brought to meet Michael Paein. The boy was so excited, s he was signing Monty Python songs and reciting dialogue from memory and obviously was a huge fan. What I like is the boy then turned to Michael Palin, and as only little boys can, and I sure he meant this as a compliment, gushed in a loud voice “you’re my third favorite Monty Python.”

Cheer up, Michael. At least you didn’t come in fourth.

Also, in today’s news, there is a lesson all should note. After you fire someone, do not send them a cake with the message “you can’t fix stupid” on the icing. You see, that is something stupid to send, and after you’re sent it, you can’t fix it. The fired person is probably not going to see the humor in it and will probably do the only logical thing that offended Americans do: get a lawyer and sue for harassment. I now take it back, I guess there might be a way to fix something stupid after all.

The Associated Press has a stunning headline: “Rock Stars Die Younger than Ordinary Folks.” Gee, I never suspected that a life style of only having to perform on stage a few hours a year and doing drugs the rest of the time would be free of health problems. I am truly amazed.

Well, I’m off. Flying to Canada. Or Cuba. One or the other. I’ll call it “pilot’s choice.”


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