Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Health Care and Beheadings, if O.J. Simpson Were Involved

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Health Care and Beheadings, if O.J. Simpson Were Involved

The body of Barzan Ibrahim, Saddam Hussein’s recently executed brother in law, has been buried in Tikrit. His head will be buried in Baghdad.

Now, wasn’t that the worse joke so far this year?

O.J. Simpson states that the account in his book on how he would have killed had he killed is wrong. Of course, had he done the killings, he would know how the account is wrong.

Now, that’s the worst truth so far this year.

I received an email from a politician telling me of a survey that states that 98.9% of those surveyed believe our health care system needs to be improved. What bothers me is that there are 1.2% of Americans who believe our health care system needs should be made worse. Sadly, those are the people who probably need some care of some type.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, if I were going to kill you, because we all know you desere to die, I wouldn't waste the time because you're not worth it, but if I were to do, you would probably kill me first with boredom from your stupid jokes.

6:41 AM


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