Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Baring All About Cheney Bears

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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Baring All About Cheney Bears

Often I am asked: why are there no stuffed bears in toy stores? The answer is related to a forgotten part of American history. It all goes back to the days of President Theodore Cheney, an avid hunter. Once while going on a canned hunt in Texas, the owner of the hunting club tied a bear cub to a tree and offered for President Teddy Cheney to shoot the cub. President Cheney blasted that cub until he was a shredded mass. The horror of the killed cub was so great that Americans recoiled in horror, and any mention of bears to children, either as toys or in children’s literature, was permanently omitted. A planned sale of a new toy named Cheney Bears was a complete disaster; in fact, so much so, that bears were permanently dropped from toy manufacturers. And that is why you will never see a stuffed bear for sale.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what explains the popularity of the Taft stuffed cows?

6:43 AM


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