Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Maybe Paul McCartney Stole the Japanese Space Station

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Sunday, November 13, 2005

Maybe Paul McCartney Stole the Japanese Space Station

Paul McCartney gave a live performance for astronauts in space. What was really amazing about the whole thing is the astronauts only had to pay $300 a piece for their tickets.

Japan turned its back and lost a space station. Maybe they were distracted intercepting an illegal version of the Paul McCartney space concert. Just what our mothers always warned us about: there is a whole universe where one can get lost. Now, it finally happened.

Pennsylvania has banned hunting with prehistoric weapons. People in Dover, Pa., where they stopped teaching about evolution because they believe the world is only 4,500 years old, though, may hunt with whatever they want. The problem with this ban is, so many hunters’ guns are so old, those guns are included in this ban.

There is a poster in Pennsylvania that reads “Gun Crime = Gun Time.” Do they really expect most criminals to understand what “gun time” means? Many probably think it is like happy hour, like you’re legally allowed to use a gun for any reason between 5 and 6 pm. In Dover, where evolution is being challenged, there is a strong believe the people descended from rifles. Afterall, doesn't the Constution guarantee our right to free expression with guns?

An announced gay candidate for City Council won election this week. I supported him. I do have to confess that I read about his past and it did take some doing to overlook some of his immoral life. Yet, I have forgiven him for his having been a Republican.


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