Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: France is Aflame But Paris Hilton is Fine

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

France is Aflame But Paris Hilton is Fine

I received a breaking news item that Paris Hilton was in a car crash, and she was uninjured. I have notified the wire services of the following: The next time I receive a breaking news flash containing the words “Paris Hilton” in it, she had better either be getting nominated to the U.S. Supreme Court or have discovered a cure for cancer.

Pennsylvanians are highly delusional. They not only believe that a ground hog can predict the weather, but that the ground hog does so according to convoluted logic that if it is warm out, it will be cold, and if it is cold out, it will be warm. Although, there could be some safety in such predictions: sort of like predicting during a rain storm that it will stop raining.

I attended a boring meeting with speakers where everyone was asked to write down a suggestion for future meetings. The suggestions would be randomly drawn with those suggestions drawn winning prizes. The suggestions drawn turned out to read “I have nothing “ and “I beg you, never have these meetings again.” At least they won prizes.

Riots in France. A Texan President is engaged in a foreign war where the American public was deceived as to the reason why we went to war. I saw this movie in 1968. Why are we re-running the news?


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Blogger Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny said...

But, Rod, how can we concentrate on taking online surveys knowing that Paris Hilton make be shaking and in tears? What are you: inhumane? Please give us our moments to grieve and collect ourselves.

9:41 AM


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