Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: See Philadelphia: The Smell is New Jersey

Is this where I put in key words such as sex, lesbians, vampires, Christopher Lloyd and others things to which this blog do not pertain, but by putting them here, I may get hits from all the Christoper Lloyd lesbian vampire fans (and you know who you are)? This is the primarily humorous and occasionally rambling writings of Leon Tchaikovsky, humor writer. Enjoy.

Friday, January 13, 2006

See Philadelphia: The Smell is New Jersey

Former Governor Don Siegelman is quoted as stating “have you ever tried to raise money when under indictment? It’s difficult.” This may be a very valuable piece of information for many in Washington, D.C.

New Jersey has adopted a new slogan: “New Jersey: Come See For Yourself.” As for me, I’ll pass and just take their word for it.

Recent news articles dispel the notion that the Donner family were cannibals. Also, it has been found that birds used to eat people. Therefore, maybe birds ate the Donners.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, the smell is New Jersey, but what is all that sticky stuff on the ground, and what is all that noise, that noise, that noise?

12:20 PM


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