Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: The 411 on the Sixth, If I Don't Take the Fifth

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Friday, April 29, 2005

The 411 on the Sixth, If I Don't Take the Fifth

The following is more information regarding my script “The Sixth Dimension”, as best as I understand and can explain things within the confines of my human limitations. In the beginning, there was light (not an original line). At the speed of light, there would be no passage of time (according to Physicists, which I am not). Both existence and time are the transformation of light into matter and energy. (Whether you are religious are not, it is fine to call this creator God, and then you all can fight over each other as to whose perception of what God is the correct faith, even though such fighting seems against most of your concepts, but defending your concepts against the beliefs of others seems to be more important to you than following your concepts of how things should be thus I really think you should all stop fighting and get along, but I digress.)

All matter is life. All matter needs to consume other matter and energy to stay alive. Death is the transformation of matter back into light, for “there should be time no longer” (also not an original line, its from: Various Authors. The Bible. Various publishers, various dates.)

Where does light go after death? Physicists calculate there are numerous dimensions beyond our perceived three (or even six) dimensional world. Actually, we live in a five or six dimensional world. The dimensions are width, length, depth, time, pressure, and perception. Pressure is what humans perceive with our bodily senses: smell, sights, sounds, barometric pressure, and heat. The sixth dimension is one we perceive mentally. Many people have claimed to have some degree of perception, such as between twins and parents and children, when separated, between people with strong attachments, and often is claimed between people and recently deceased people. To the degree these are perceptions that exist only within an individual brain or whether it is the transferring of information from one person to another, I don’t know. That’s for someone smarter than me to figure out someday. Yet, there are people who claim such perception exists, and there have been people whose claims have been debunked as fraud, and there are others who claims are taken seriously by some.

The CIA and KGB took these claims seriously enough to not only research them but to see if there is any potential military or intelligence gathering use for this sixth dimension perception. Whatever was found, we know it was either decided it was not useful, or, like the discovery of two opponents each holding nuclear bombs, it was decided that the preservation of both sides depended upon never using this for military purposes.

That’s the lesson from “The Sixth Dimension.”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

In this multidimensational universe where time has been created to justify existance, there are enough dimensions for Heaven and Hell, as well as one with a really long waiting line for the bathroom.

Jai Raj

7:16 AM


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