Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: This Cocaine Is Cracked

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Friday, December 03, 2004

This Cocaine Is Cracked

Some people don't quite get things right.

Bill Cosby yesterday blasted a judicial system that gives longer prison sentences to African American drug dealers who sell crack as opposed to Caucasian drug dealers who sell cocaine. Bill Cosby then urged people should gather together and tell Black dealers to stop selling crack, stating "that ought to take care of it right then and there."

To correct a misunderstanding that I observe some people made, NO, he was not stating you should then tell the crack dealers they should sell cocaine instead...NO, that is NOT what he said...


Blogger Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny said...

You know Coca Cola used to have cocaine? Anyone in the Coca Cola company ever get busted for dealing? Not counting recently? Does that then mean Pepsi Cola used to be made of Pep? Did you know when Coke had the slogan "Coke adds life" that the slogan was mistranslated into Chinese to mean Coke brings back your dead relatives. Now, that would have been one terrific product to use.

6:21 AM


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