Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: But Will Elderly Cubans Respect Nepal's Security Force?

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Monday, February 07, 2005

But Will Elderly Cubans Respect Nepal's Security Force?

Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny

I was busy watching PBS last night. So, who won the Super Bowl?

Fidel Castro announced he is making it a national campaign to increase the average life span in Cuba to age 80. He has banned dying before 80. Anyone caught dying before 80 will be dealt with severely.

Nepal has prohibited criticism of their security force. So, for the record, let me say that Nepal has one super terrific security force. Also, on behalf of Fidel Castro, I have no plans to die.

Does anyone realize that somewhere there is a guy in a strip joint thinking, “you know, in parts of Iraq, this is considered torture?”

I noticed there is a place called the Pain Center in Philadelphia. What, people go there when they want to buy pain? Do they actually make much money selling pain? I noticed a nurse working there, so maybe it is some kind of fantasy role playing place.

Police stopped a four year old who was driving a car. The four year old boy’s attorney states reminded that he still has one month to produce a valid driver’s license before he can be charged with driving without a license. What is this boy’s sentence going to be: a requirement to attend a driver’s refresher course?

At least the four year old boy was not stopped by a member of that terrific Nepal security force. Or by American forces in Iraq. Can you imagine the interrogation of a four year old boy by a female soldier wearing a thong? Yeah, that will make him talk.

Scientists yesterday announced the reason why so many children are fat is because they eat and drink too much sugar. Personally, I am stunned by this news. I had no idea.


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