Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: It's Too Late, Baby

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Friday, October 29, 2004

It's Too Late, Baby

I ran into Carole King yesterday. On the spur of the moment, I told her that I didn't realize years ago when she wrote "It's Too Late" that she knew George W. Bush back then. At least she laughed.

Speaking of inappropriate things to say, I was recalling a comment I had during September 11, 2001 that, back then was so obvious to me, yet no one dares mention it since. In fact, when I was discussing putting this on my blog, I was warned I could get into serious trouble for mentioning it. I figure: go ahead, the blog could use the publicity.

Here goes: Why did the planes hit the top of the Towers? And at 8:45 am and 9 am? Perhaps the pilots were not trained enough to lower their planes, although the pilot who hit the Pentagon was able to lower his plane to hit the Pentagon. Perhaps just hitting their target was the goals and there was no consideration for the loss of lives, except, of course, the terrorists expected casualties to result. If, as it appears, that these attacks had been planned for months, isn't it interesting that the terrorists did not plan towards achieving the most number of deaths? No one expected the Towers to fall, certainly not the brave rescue workers who entered the buildings, and, according to a subsequent tape of Osama Bin Laden, even he expressed surprise that the towers fell. If the terrorists wanted to maximize the number of deaths, they would have until after 9 am, when the most employees had entered the buildings, and they would have crashed into the lower floors and trapped everyone.
What they did was horrible and unforgivable. Yet, despite being told this is taboo to discuss, we should explore why they didn't aim for potentially 100,000 deaths that day. What were the motivations and aims of these horrible attacks?

In order to fight the enemy, one needs to understand the enemy. I think we don't understand our enemy too well. Once again, we find ourselves fighting a guerilla or insurgent enemy in Iraq we do not comprehend nor seem to know how to fight, while our real enemy, al Qaeda, continues to threaten governments in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Not knowing your enemies is a vital mistake.

George W. doesn't understand his enemies. In the words of that great philosopher, "it's too late, baby, it's too late. Something inside has died. We tried, but we just can't make it." It's time to try a new President.


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