Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: Book Review: "The Other Great Depression"

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Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Book Review: "The Other Great Depression"

Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny

A book that brutally describes what addiction is like, from the viewpoint of the addict, and how to overcome addiction is “The Other Great Depression”. Written by comedian Richard Lewis, we learn how he has overcome three decades of alcohol and drug addiction with seven years of sobriety. His book analyzes how youthful traumas and adult insecurities lead to anxieties, depression, alcohol, and drugs. It was Richard Lewis’s realization that his lifestyle was leading towards death and he wanted to live that enabled him to win his struggle to overcome addictions and regain his life.

Richard Lewis presents many deep personal thoughts about the pressures of youth, dating, and the entertainment world to present his personal road to the depths of depression and alcoholism. His description of his struggle to overcome his difficulties, which came from his own realization of his need for survival along with assistance from caring friends and his spirituality, brings encouragement to people seeking to overcome their addictions.

One key point Richard Lewis makes is that addicts are screaming out for help, even when they deny they need assistance. All too often, we ignore their pleas, in part because many addicts do not know how to ask for help. Together, these two books create a complimentary commentary. Addiction can be helped. Locking an addict away and ignoring the addiction is not the way to provide that help.


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