Tchaikovsky Sounds Funny: War (College) Is Not Heck

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Sunday, October 31, 2004

War (College) Is Not Heck

I have applauded the government’s decision to retain the Peacekeeping Institute. This is a vital internal military research unit that analyses and advises the Army on how to improve its peacekeeping operations. The Peacekeeping Institute is a component of the United States War College, an institution that conducts academic internal military research of Defense issues and prepares military officers for high level careers as Generals and Colonels.

The Harrisburg Patriot reports that now, the entire U.S. War College is under attack and is being considered for possible closure. All military bases and offices are under review for continuation or closure under routine base closure review procedures. Yet, there are particular concerns that the War College may possibly be a target to be shut down.

The War College provides independent research on the nature of military operations. Thus, it is free to be helpfully critical of Defense Department policies. This advice is an important part of their existence. Military officers at the War College evaluate and recommend ways the military may be improved. At times, their reports have been critical of the military status quo.

While the Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld leadership of the military may not like any dissent to their policies, alternative policy recommendations based upon knowledge and experience are important. In fact, it has been a problem that the White House and Defense Department leaders have ignored intelligence reports, even from the CIA, State Department intelligence, and the War College. To now stifle this advice would be a grave mistake, especially when the nation would be better served if our leaders would instead pay attention to this intelligence.

The War College must remain open.


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